Merdas de uma Nerd

Bianca, tenho 16 anos, twilighter, potterhead, semideusa de Poseidon e tributo do distrito 4, grossa, idiota e quando precisa, agressiva.
Passo minhas férias no Chalé 3 e vou acumulando pontos para Grifinória durante o ano. 

"vamo tirar uma foto todo mundo?????" não

Aí a risada é tão intensa que escorre até uma lágrima.

Derrubei um Yakult no chão, foi um lactovacilo




When a magnetic field moves through a conductor a current called an Eddy current is induced in the conductor due to the magnetic field’s movement. The flow of electrons in the conductor creates an opposing magnetic field to the magnet which results in damping of the magnet and causes heating inside of the conductor similar to heat buildup inside of power cords. The loss of energy used to heat up the conductor is equal to the loss of kinetic energy by the magnet.

Watch the video.


fave adventure time couples <3 (human au ahahah)


Ugh. My mother and father would be so ashamed if they knew about the things I read at night.


Awesome Art by Melissa Smith

Find more of her stuff here:

A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle.



This is such a forced smile. It breaks my heart, just look at her pain.

who is she